Is the Malamute right for you? These are not dogs for everybody . Please read The Malamute Mind in the Writing section to get an overview of how these dogs think. And think they do!

They can be destructive if bored, noisy if ignored, and out of control if not educated properly. They will wander. That’s a fact. These dogs must be contained in secure fences as they are escape artists. (If they can get their head through a hole in a fence, the rest of the body will follow – literally.) They are primitive by nature and will hunt. Yes, cats, rabbits, small rodents, and larger fare such as farm animals and wildlife will be hunted. As a rule, they cannot be taken off leashes to go for a walk in the country – if they sniff a deer, they’re gone – fast. They also shed – copiously when they "drop" their winter coats.

Having said all that, if the dogs are kept in a controlled environment, groomed regularly, educated properly, and not kept as watch dogs for a rabbit farm or free-range chickens, they can be superb companions! As said in The Malamute Mind, this breed is a breed of individuals. Not all Malamutes will hunt anything that moves – but the instinct is strong in the breed. The Alaskan Malamute is not a guard dog; rather an alert dog. They will make noise if something isn’t "right" around their environment – whether it be a person/car arriving on the property or anything else.

If you are interested in an Alaskan Malamute, be prepared for doing a lot of educating of the dog – particularly in the dog’s first year of life. Clicker training is a superb method for teaching this intellectual fun-loving breed as they quickly figure out the game of "making the handler make that funny clicking noise to give me a treat." If you don’t have the time nor inclination to devote hours of education with your dog – please get another breed. Malamutes MUST be stimulated intellectually as well as exercised. They also must live with people who will be strong leader roles for them. Malamutes are pack orientated – if the leader of the pack isn’t going to "lead", then they will --- and ultimately, it’s the dog who pays the final price of euthanasia.

The Alaskan Malamute can be wonderful with children – indeed, as they developed as a breed, they lived closely with the Inuit people. Even Malamutes who are not raised with children can absolutely adore them providing they are socialized with well- mannered children. They are not a breed to get when a couple is starting a family. Wait until the children are older – preferably over 5 years of age. There is too much education that both children and puppies need during their formative years/months. The mature Malamute is a large dog and while a puppy, they can be quite boisterous. No child needs to be knocked down by such exuberance. Again, if the child is injured by the dog, it is the dog who pays. Please, wait until the children are older.

While I have started in a new direction in my breeding program, I will only have the occasional litter. The parents of any litter are checked for Hip Dysplasia (OFA certified), Eye Problems (checked by C.E.R.F. approved veterinary ophthalmologist), Chondrodysplasia (dwarfism) clearance certified by AMCA, and are thyroid healthy.

All puppies are sold on CKC Non-breeding contracts including potential show puppies. The homes are very carefully selected for the pups.
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Is the Alaskan Malamute Right for You?