Please note that all collars – no matter what kind they are – are necessary "evils" that we have for our dogs. While they do hold identification tags, they can also get caught or tangled in a wide variety of things – including other dogs’ jaws. A panicked dog will twist around and around – this can tighten any collar - and I stress ANY STYLE of collar– to the point where the dog is choked and ultimately dies. Be aware and wary of collars – of any kind.

The sled dog (semi-slip) collar is the style that most of my dogs wear – when they have to wear a collar. It closes down to the dog’s neck measurement – and no more. This prevents the dog from slipping out of the collar – which can happen with a buckle collar. Sled dog collars are used in harness work as they give the dog a big of "extra" leeway when they are hooked to another dog (brace lead) or to the sled lines.

Sled Dog (semi-slip) ……………………………………………$ 7.00

Please furnish snug neck measurements when ordering collars.

Bead  weaves can be added to collars. Beadweaves of any length can also be ordered for individuals to sew on collars. Go to Bead Art/ loom 


For bead weaves for the entire length of the sled dog collar - as in Dorje's collar shown here - add an extra 4" to the dog's neck measurement to determine the length of the weave needed.

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