The Inharmony Magic Halter is my creation after reading about the different styles of halters that were emerging in the early 1980’s. While it isn’t adjustable around the muzzle like other halters are, it does have a secure collar around the dog’s neck so if the nose piece is pulled/rubbed off the dog’s nose, the dog is still under full control. This can be an advantage when going for a hike with the dog, slipping the nose piece off during a rest break so the dog can have a drink/treats – and then when the walk continues (and if the dog is still pulling), the halter’s nose piece can be re-positioned. If the dog has given up pulling, the nose piece can be tucked out of the way under the neck loop.

My book, Educating the Happy Dog! is the first book, to my knowledge, that addressed safe halter handling by people. It was first published by Inharmony in 1994 and can be directly ordered from Inharmony.

                                           Inharmony’s Magic Halters …………$ 15.00

When ordering the Inharmony’s Magic Halter , a snug neck measurement behind the dog’s ears and a muzzle measurement close to the dog’s eyes are required.

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