These harnesses are designed to allow full range of movement of the shoulders and to fit snugly around the dog’s girth behind the elbows. The two neck fastenings and two girth fastenings enable the harness to be easily adjustable. For a custom fitted harness, please carefully measure these three measurements: the girth of the dog behind its elbows, measurement from where the girth measurement is taken on the dog’s sternum (chest area between the dog’s front legs) to the point of the chest (in front of the dog), and measurement from the point of the chest to the dog’s withers.

                                                   Medium Weight Harness

This harness is made from ¾" width nylon and plastic side close buckles. It can be used for tracking, with a Springer bicycle attachment, for light duty in pulling a scooter and as a seatbelt attachment in a vehicle. While it can be used for ski-joring, as the harness isn’t padded, a regular racing sled dog harness is recommended for that activity. Price: $ 65.00

                                                     Heavy Weight Harness

This harness is made from either ¾" width nylon or 1" width nylon with plastic side close buckles. The 1" width harness is the choice of professional dog handlers for tracking as it is made with extra reinforcing.  Price: $ 80.00

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