Please pick two colors (first and second choice). The first choice of color will be used for your order; however, if the stock supply is low and the order has a deadline to fill (and cannot wait for the 4 to 6 weeks for the new nylon to be ordered and sent from my supplier), then the second choice will be made up. Of course, the customer will be notified ahead of time.

                                                           Please do accurate measurements of your dog.

Collar: snug measurement around the dog’s neck where the collar would be sitting.

If a beadweave is desired, please indicate colors and pattern (by going to the Bead Art/loomed weave section of the website) including length of weave. If the full length of the sled dog collar is to be covered in the beadweave, add 4" to the dog’s neck measurement and that will determine the length and thus cost of the beadweave.

Halter: snug measurement around the dog’s neck behind the ears and around the dog’s muzzle close to his eyes.

Leads: determine the length desired.

Harness: measure these three measurements: the girth of the dog behind its elbows, measurement from where the girth measurement is taken on the dog’s sternum (chest area between the dog’s front legs) to the point of the chest (in front of the dog), and measurement from the point of the chest to the dog’s withers.

Custom order items: please measure accurately.

When the order is completed, it will be verified by email (and picture if custom order – including bead weave additions) with the total amount owing (including shipping and handling charges.) When the payment is received by Ruth by mail, then the order will be shipped. Sorry, I haven’t got any credit card payment capabilities.

Questions? Please contact Ruth by email at: