The following is the current pattern book shown in beads. Any color can be substituted in the majority of designs .

7.Chakras                8.Checkers             9.Diamonds.2                        10.X's                                          11.Triangles                    12.Diamonds.3
13.Desert.1                                                     14.Desert.2                                                     15.Twists.1                                 16.CelticX's.1
1.Diamonds.1                     2.Circles.                               3.Chevrons                     4.Basketweave.1            5.Basketweave.2             6.ShadedX's
17.CelticX's.2                       18.CelticDiamonds.1           19.CelticKnots.1                    20.Swirls                             21.CelticKnots.2
22.Twists.2                           23.Twists.3                                24.Saltire.1                        25.CelticKeys.1                           26.Saltire.2
27.Saltire.3                                       28.Saltire.4                                   29.Stripes.1                30.Saltire.5                                          31.Chevron.1
32.Chevron.3                                      33.CelticDiamonds.2       34.CelticDiamonds.3           35.Saltire.6                                 36.Earth&Sky
37.Pyramids                 38.Aztec Star                                   39.Southwest                      40.CelticV's                              41.Flowers.1
42.Flowers.2                43.Swirls.2                          44.CelticKnots.3            45.CelticKeys.2             46.CelticKnot.4
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