Loomed pictures are ready to hang. At the present time, the pictures are hung from sticks from poplar trees. Like the Embroidered Pictures, the loomed pictures are also washable. They can also be designed from a photograph. Do be aware that, depending on the size of the picture, an outline can be affected by the fact that the beads have a rectangular shape to them. Patterns are designed on graph paper and are kept on file.

Base cost of the picture is added to the loom weave cost
. The base cost includes pattern design, and finishing.

Top finishing (connection to stick)
Either braided bead "strings" or wide loomed tabs (as on curtains on entry page)

Bottom finishing
Fringe – either straight across or in a "v" shape. Bugle beads and other shapes of beads can be incorporated in the fringe

Side additions
A tassle similar to the fringe can be added on either side of the picture from the stick. The picture "Lavender Lady" has such an addition.

Small pictures (2" to 4" wide) base cost of $25.
Medium pictures (4 1/4" to 6" wide) base cost of $40.
Large pictures (6 ¼" to 12" wide) base cost of $75.
Pictures larger than 12 ¼" have base cost of $100.

The loom weave costs based upon the width of the loom. The price is per linear inch. Weaves up to 24" can be done.

Price increases $10 per inch of width of loomed piece.

¼" to 1": $3, 1 ¼" to 2" : $5, 2 ¼" to 3" : $10, 3 ¼" to 4" : $20,
4 ¼" to 5" : $30, 5 ¼" to 6" : $40 ; 6 ¼" to 8": $60,
8 ¼" to 10": $80, 10 ¼" to 12": $100, etc.

To illustrate: A small picture of 4 inches wide x 6 inches long (of the looming, not the entire length of the finished piece) is:

                                (4" wide @$20/inch) x 6 linear inches of looming = $120
                                 Plus base cost of $25 for finishing + $25

                               Equals total price of $145 plus shipping and handling

As there are many hours invested in each picture, for custom orders, half of the estimated cost of the picture must be received before the looming begins. If the client wishes, a photo of the pattern may be emailed before sending the deposit. However, the client must realize that the colors used in the graph are not necessarily the same as the colors in the finished picture but are used for ease in the design.

When the picture is completed, a picture will be emailed to the client and then the balance owing including shipping and handling will be sent to the client upon receipt of the payment .


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