Here are some examples of Loomed Pictures I have done. These patterns are on file.  Custom designed pictures from photographs can also be developed.  The measurements refer to the weave only and do not include the fringes etc.

                 Bear Cub                                                      Lighthouse Park                                       Giraffe                                             Tiger
           3"wide x 2.75"long                                           2.25"wide x 3.75" long                           4.25" w x 5" long                       4" wide x 4.25" long
         HUM                                               TAM                                  Medicine Buddha Seed                                           Sanskrit OM
      2.75"w x 4.5" long                        2.75" w x 4.5" long                       2.75" w x 4.5" long                                         4" w x 3.75" long
                            Green Tara                                                               Lavender Lady                                                           Medicine Bear
               8.25" w x 8" long                                                             9.5" w x 10.25" long                                                    7" w x 8.5" long
          Lara                                                           Petroushka                                                              Bangsi                                            Maggie
       4.25" w x 3.25" long                                 4.25" w x 3.25" long                                           3 " w x 2" long                                 4" w x 3" long
       Sable Wolf Bitch
              7" w x 6" long
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