A sun catcher is a netted doily tightly attached to a leather covered metal ring. It may or may not have a fringe attached. Hung in a window, the sun catcher reflects the sunlight; hung on a wall, it is a conversation piece.

Prices per diameter of ring: 

3":$20, 4":$25, 6": $40, 8": $50, 10": $75, 14": $100

Please choose style of suncatcher from those available. Choose the colors desired from the palette. Every endeavor shall be made to craft a suncatcher that will bring joy and light into one’s home. Please give a bit of "artist’s leeway" when designing these pieces. Custom weaves can be designed.

Upon completion, a picture will be emailed to the client before the final payment including shipping and handling is due.

To order, please link to the order page or email Ruth at: leader@inharmonymalamutes.com

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