(*Boroboedoer x Gaeh Leona)

Born February 28, 1983

Annie and I have been through a lot together. She was born the year my life essentially fell apart and then has been with me  through the difficult years afterwards. Sadly, the rich grass in the Fraser Valley of B.C. was toxic to my mare and she developed laminitis. I was able to get her stabilized and sound before I sent her to Alberta to be bred. She returned to me after I’d relocated to the Cariboo and we both started our healing together.

Annie has been schooled in dressage – and is shown executing the "piaffe" or trot in place in the picture of me riding her. Since being in the Cariboo, we have enjoyed exploring the wonderful trails together. Annie isn’t a demonstrative mare – is rather aloof to most people, but we understand each other. The most magical moment that I’ve ever experienced in all the years of having horses is the frigid night that she delivered her lovely little daughter, Karma, into my arms and we dried her off together, our foreheads touching.

Still lovely at age 23 yrs.
Photo May, 2006             >

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