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Understanding the canine personality and teaching dogs using positive motivation and halters (Inharmony 1994)

Part I: Figuring Out Fido
Part II: Teaching Principles
Part III: The Education Begins
Part IV: Halters
Part V: Halter Handling
Part VI: Polishing Novice Work
Part VII: Obedience Trials
Conclusion: A Handler’s Code

by Ruth I Kellogg

"Whether the reader is a novice pet owner or an experienced trainer and competitor, there is something in this book for them. Ruth’s description of character types will help everyone to identify their dig, regardless of its breed type. Her section on teaching principles, which proudly admits that she is an admirer and disciple of Karen Pryor (and what forward thinking trainer would not be?) explains how dogs learn. However, unlike many other modern books on training dogs, Ruth takes it a step further with a look at mental leashes and cross-training."

Unless you have a particularly clever dog, this book will only be read by human animals. Being respected as an individual is of prime importance to all humans and, in an anthropomorphic way, I see no reason why we should not assume that this is also important to dogs. EDUCATING THE HAPPY DOG! Tells us how to gain this mutual respect and, in the latter chapters, tells us how to build upon this trusting partnership to reach the very top in the competitive world of dogs."

Quotes from book review by John Fisher, Surrey, England.
Mr. Fisher was a well-known and respected British dog handler, trainer, judge, and Canine Behavior Counselor. He authored: "Think Dog", "The Dog in the Human Pack", and "Why Does My Dog…?"

Educating the Happy Dog! Sells for $29.95 plus shipping and handling.

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