I must emphasize that all of my writing, particularly about canine behavior and canine education is based on my own experience and study of dogs. I am not a professional canine behaviorist. The information that I present and publish is for information for dog fanciers. Any suggestions that I make in the articles and/or books are just that – suggestions. I take absolutely no responsibility and will accept no liability for actions resulting from people reading my work and acting on the suggestions.

In 1982, I was approached by Hoflin Publishing ( www.hoflin.com ) about writing a column for their upcoming new magazine for Alaskan Malamutes "The Malamute Quarterly". I had previously submitted a few articles to the short-lived publication Malamute Tales (published by Joan Beckman). Ms. Beckman kindly referred the Hoflins to me. This began many years of writing for Hoflin Publishing. The Malamute Quarterly was published in the Fall 1982 and ran until Fall 2005. I have also been writing for the Alaskan Malamute Annual from their first Annual in 1981 until the present. Look for more articles in future Annuals.

In 1989, Hoflin Publishing published my first book, "HAPPY DOG! Canine Behavior and Basic Training". This book is still available on their website.

In 1994, I wrote another book, "Educating the Happy Dog!" and self-published it. This book was the first book to be published regarding using dog halters. Please refer to the page on "Educating the Happy Dog!" for more information and reviews. This book is still available. Please email me for information.

I have been writing a column for the Alaskan Malamute Club of Canada’s newsletter (Malamute Review) about Malamute Education for many years. Some articles can be found on the AMCC website ( www.quadrant.net/amcc )

I have had many articles published in magazines around the world. In 1984, I won the writing competition for Off Lead magazine with the article "Unintentional Negative Training." This was the first time this topic appeared in print. (The article appears in my book, Educating the Happy Dog!) Other publications that have published my work are: Dogs in Canada, Dog World Magazine, and the Japanese Kennel Club. Other dog clubs have also asked for permission to reproduce articles.

I must emphasize that everything that is presented on this site is copyrighted to me, Ruth I. Kellogg. It may not be copied and/or reproduced (in full or in part) without permission. If one wishes to copy and/or reproduce the information I present, please ask for permission. When the material is used, I absolutely must receive full credit and acknowledgement of the information and, if reproduced in print, receive a copy of the publication at no cost to myself. For brevity, I have not included photos in this section. I do have photos that illustrate the articles which can be emailed with the requested article.

I am a firm believer that an educated owner will be able to educate their dog to become a wonderful canine companion and a good canine citizen. My philosophy behind all of my work is:

"As a dog’s owner becomes more knowledgeable and understands him more, the better the chances are for the dog to become and remain a Happy Dog!"



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