In 1971, a lifelong dream became reality when I purchased my first horse – a 9 month old ¾ Arabian that I called Sparky. We learned together during the 2 ½ short years that he was with me. He was the first horse that I’d trained and was very forgiving of my errors.

After my "ex" and I moved onto a small farm outside of Leduc, Alberta our household started growing with Malamutes and Purebred Arabian horses. I learned so much about horse husbandry – breeding, raising foals, training youngsters, and about Arabians as a breed. In time, I had to make a decision between the horses or the dogs to concentrate my energy on. So the horse herd started to decrease slowly but surely. Admittedly, when the imported stallion *Boroboedor that my "ex" and I bought and syndicated died suddenly, a part of my enthusiasm also left. *Boroboedor still lives on in his daughter, Annie, and his granddaughter, Karma, who are with me today.

The Arabians are part of my life, my love, and my passion and must be also honored – which is why they, too, have a section on this website. I invite you to meet my lovely ladies, Lady Annaleona and Inharmony’s Karma.


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