Click on a dog’s name to access their information. Do note that all Inharmony owned dogs have their "call name" as part of their registered name. I have only included pedigree information on the dogs that will be bred. If you are interested in pedigrees of Malamutes in the past, please email me and I can send you the information (in a jpeg format). If you are interested in viewing more photographs of a particular dog, please email me.

I invite you to become acquainted with the wonderful dogs who have/do share my life. They are ALL special.

Malamutes in the Past

Ch. Heritage’s Sparkling Orion CD CAMO
Ch. Sparkling Sweet Daniel Webster CDX, Am. CD
Inharmony’s Cmdr. Riker
Inharmony’s Shamaya Spiritwrap
Inharmony’s Taliesin
Wynniska’s Regal Akela


Ch. Inharmony’s Gentle Athena CD
Ch. Inharmony’s Gentle Diana CD CAMO
Ch. Inharmony’s Sweet Deanna CD
Ch. Inuit’s Sparkling Poppy CD
Ch. Long Hill’s Sweet Patricia CD CAMO
Ch. Sparkling Sweet Sabrina CD
Ch. Windy City’s Sparkling Jewel CD CAMO
Inharmony’s Lady Clarissa
Inharmony’s Lady Viviane
Inharmony’s Maj. Kira Nerys
Inharmony’s Princess Cassandra CD
Inharmony’s Sweet Caroline CD
Inharmony’s Sweet Selena CD
Inharmony’s Tiger Lily
Inharmony’s Wind Called Moriah
Kaila’s Sparkling Kerridwen
Twilight Sparkling Sweet Amber CD

Present Malamutes

Dreamcatcher’s Anakin CGN
Inharmony’s Emaho Drala
Moonlight’s Geoffrey Rinpoche CGN
WindStar’s Dorje
WindStar’s Justin Time


Inharmony’s Lady Sila
Inharmony’s Lady Zhouma
Inharmony’s Pema
Inharmony’s Sweet Echo
Moonlight’s Maia Inharmony CGN